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Instruments: Flute, 5 Octave Marimba and Cow-bell playing with pedal.

The version for Marimba, Flute and String Orchestra is also available.


This piece is dedicated to my dear friends, two amazing Italian musicians Filippo Lattanzi and Anna Lisa Pisanu - Wood and Wind Duo.

Charanga is a term given to traditional ensembles of Cuban Dance music. They made Cuban dance music popular in the 1940s and consisted of heavily son-influenced material, performed on European instruments such as violin and flute by a Charanga orchestra. Charanga has its roots in European art house music, Spanish and African music.

The word Salada in Spanish means “salty”, but it also means “that smells of the sea”.

In this piece marimba play riffs (or tumbaos) that give the music a real driving nature. Rhythm patterns based around the clave pattern which lock in to form one big melodic section and above which the flute improvises. The flute plays in the upper register, often playing up to the range of E and above.

CHARANGA SALADA Duet for Marimba and Flute

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