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This is a collection of Concert Snare Drum pieces for Preliminary students includes the famous Australian songs: Home Among the Gumtrees, Pack Up Your Troubles and Smile, Botany Bay, In South Australia I was Born, Heave Away, Haul Away and Waltzing Matilda and arranged for Snare drum and Piano accompaniment. 

LEVEL - Preliminary, very easy and created for the youngest beginners.

Book comes with 2 AUDIO tracks for each song - Demo and piano accompaniment only.

This collection invites beginner students to explore the range of dynamic contrasts, articulation and other musical expressions. Each piece has detailed sticking. Teachers are able to help students, very beginners, to learn simple rhythmic patterns and basic snare drum technique through music.

To listen Audio Demo track CLICK HERE


Home Among the Gumtrees -Australian songs for snare drum and piano

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