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The most comprehensive Snare Drum Method Book for the beginners!

The Book is covering concert snare drum and rudimental snare drum technical studies, sound production, musical terms and signs, it has a section of snare drum solos and duets. This Book was created largely based on teaching experience working in Australian Primary and Secondary schools. In this 2nd, revised edition of the book all changes based on my experience of using this book during lessons with my students. I hope that you will find this book as a quick, easy and efficient method to develop music reading skills and technical fluence. In the section of the  Snare drum solos there are solos unaccompanied and solos with piano accompaniment. AUDIO TRACKS of the  accompaniment for the pieces will be sent via email after purchasing book. 

Sergei Golovko

To listen audio samples of the pieces from the Book CLICK HERE 


"Growing up with the long held tradition of piano method books, as a percussion teacher I struggled to find a snare drum method that both comprehensively teaches the basics but also teaches musical playing. In Shortcuts to Achievement, I have found a method book that does just that. Etudes, solos and duets are spread throughout the exercises, utilising and building on the rhythms and techniques learnt so far. At the back of the book are recital pieces; solos with piano accompaniment, a duo and a trio. The piano accompaniments are also provided as backing tracks for those teachers that don't play piano or for the student to practice with at home. This is not a book for the rudimental drummer as it is written more with the classical percussionist in mind, but is a great first book for the young percussionist beginning their musical journey."

Veronica Bailey, 

Principal Percussionist Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Percussion Teacher ANU School of Music, ANU Open School of Music

Shortcuts to Achievement, Snare Drum Method Book

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