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DUET for Vibraphone and 5 octave Marimba

My piece is called ‘starry lavenders’ because of a memory of going to lavender garden when I was child. I remember it very faintly - it was almost as if it was a dream, which resembles the starry part in the title, representing a peaceful night. My piece starts with a calm melody that depicts when I was slowly walking around the lavender flowers. The 2nd section displays me imagining a river full of these type of flowers - this section is in a ballad style, and it reminded me of the famous rivers in classical music such as The Blue Danube and The Moldau. The next section reintroduces the calm theme but in a completely different key. It was that feeling when the mind just drifts off and the eyes go blurry but then realises what’s going on. This leads to the 4th section, which is in a chill but energetic style, which is inspired by my teacher Sergei Golovko's Colombian Marimba Concerto. During this time, the sun was rising, and I could hear a speaker playing drums in the distance. It was a fun way to start the day. But then I found that the music was slowing down like a CD about to stop, and it made me realise that this was coming to an end. The last section. It was a dream after all. I have remnants of the calm melody I had once heard. I will never forget this experience.

Jasmine Lai

Starry Lavenders by Jasmine LAI

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