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The Book includes piano parts, solo parts and audio accompaniment of the pieces. A link to download backing tracks will be sent after purchasing Book. 

A List of Pieces

Traditional - Bohemian Polka 

P. Tchaikovsky - Neapolitan Dance  

M. Clementi - Allegro from Sonatina N1 

J.S.Bach/C. Gounod - Aria 

W. Mozart - Figaro's Aria 

M. Balakirev - Polka 

J. Haydn - Scherzo 

G. Handel - Gigue 

W. Mozart - Rondo 

M. Clementi - Spiritoso from Sonatina N3 

A. Vivaldi - Concerto in a-minor, 1st Movement

F. Chopin - Waltz in Eb major

The Book of Transcriptions, Volume I

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